Computer Restore Disc

Computer Restore Disc

Sometimes restoring your computer back to manufacturer specifications is inevitable and we know sometimes these discs get lost or misplaced. Luckily, the manufacturer can send you a copy.

Most manufacturers will need your model and serial number to send you the correct discs. Dell will need the Service Tag and Express Service Codes. Generally, you can find the needed information on the bottom or back of your computer. Check under the battery as well.

Choose your manufacturer from the list below and either visit their support site or call them for instructions on ordering.

Manufacturer Phone Number
Acer 1-866-539-3901
Apple 1-800-APL-CARE (275-2273)
Asus 1-888-678-3688 or 510-739-3777
Dell 1-800-624-9896
eMachines 1-866-539-3901
Gateway 1-866-539-3901
HP 1-800-474-6836
Lenovo/IBM 1-800-426-7378
Samsung 1-800-726-7864
Sony 1-800-488-7669
Toshiba 1-800-457-7777

Process, cost and delivery varies by manufacturer. Please consult with the manufacturer for exact details and pricing. Millennium Microsystems® is not responsible for ensuring the validity of information on the manufacturer’s website and cannot guarantee delivery or fulfillment of the restore discs.

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